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Educational Consultancy

Choosing The Right School And Subjects

Offering tailored advice and guidance to students regarding their choices and selections

Personal Statement Writing Support

Working with students to improve their personal statement

Preparing For Entrance Exams

Assessing, planning and preparing students for school entrance exams

Financial Advice

Supporting families with bursary and scholarship applications


General Tutoring

Tutoring for all school subjects and ages, including GCSE/IGCSE, A Level and International Baccalaureate (IB)

Olympiad Courses

Coaching students for Maths and Science Olympiads

Entrance Exam Preparation

Preparing for entrance exams for 11+ at grammar schools, 7+ to 16+ at independent schools and the University of Oxford and Cambridge

Short Courses

Four to twelve weeks courses focusing on a particular topic or area of study

Other Services

Airport Pickup

Providing taxi service from Heathrow or Gatwick to the student's school

Parents Evening

Attending parents evening with the student

Open Days

Booking and attending Open Days with student and parents


Providing student with 24/7 support in case of emergencies

Our Staff



Mrs A.P

Parent of an A level student

My son is going to Warwick with 4 A *. Just wanted to thank you for guiding my son these last two years. He has enjoyed his sessions with Amelia who is a wonderful and patient teacher and learnt a lot from her. Please do thank her on our behalf. Also thanks for introducing us to Mrs S. She helped out my son massively in exam skills. All the best for the future.


Mrs N Tran


Trung tâm có đội ngũ gia sư chất lượng giảng dạy tốt, nhiệt tình, cởi mở, thân thiện giúp hs hứng thú, vui vẻ trong từng mỗi buổi học.


Mrs G N

Parent of a secondary student

I have been using SMSO’s tutoring service for two years. The first child has passed the grammar school and the second child is studying for the exam at the center.


Mrs C H

Parent of a secondary student

Cảm ơn anh Sơn và các bạn gia sư của trung tâm đã luyện thi cho cháu trong thời gian ngắn để cháu đỗ được vào trường Grammar.


Mrs M Nguyen


Gia đình em cảm ơn anh Sơn rất nhiều vì những lời khuyên của anh từ lúc cháu còn học lớp 1, em đã áp dụng như anh hướng dẫn. Cháu nhà em đã có offer nhận vào trường như mong muốn của gia đình.


Ms H Tran


Cám ơn anh Sơn em Ánh và hai bạn gia sư  rất nhiều , đã theo sát và giúp đỡ cháu thời gian qua . Kết quả của cháu đã tiến bộ rất tốt chỉ trong thời gian ngắn. Cháu còn thi đỗ những trường mình mong muốn . Cám ơn trung tâm tận đáy long .