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“In the end, the only thing we are left with is knowledge.”

Son Nguyen, Managing Director


We are group of teachers and students, who share a common interest in Mathematics. Our passion for the subject came from the feeling of accomplishment after solving incredibly difficult problems. But where did we get these difficult problems from?

Many high achieving students would have been given a target of grade 9 in GCSE Maths. However, the restricted content of GCSE Maths does not always provide enough challenge for the most able mathematicians in school. Extra courses like Further Maths GCSE or Additional Maths introduce students to some A Level Maths contents; however, would the students feel bored when they start their A Level and find out that they will then have to repeat many of those topics?

There are not many opportunities in school to challenge the very best mathematicians regularly except for one-off events. The majority of schools enter students for the UKMT Maths challenges but provide no preparation for these. When students qualify for the follow-on rounds, the Kangaroo or the Olympiad, there is virtually no support for students except in a very few schools that have the expertise to do so. This is especially true for students between the age 10 and 14. There are summer schools and access courses run by universities; however, they aim at students at the end of year 11 or year 12.

The School of Maths Olympiad was founded with the aim to fill this gap, at first with our summer courses to introduce students to Olympiad Maths and then ongoing online classes, providing regular coaching and mentoring for able students.

With small group sizes, expert and specialised teaching, we can provide an individualised programme to help all students improve their skills.