Rhys Lewis


Rhys read Maths at Trinity College, University of Cambridge. 


While still in school, Rhys’ passion and interest in Maths grew from his participation in UKMT’s Maths challenges and subsequently Maths Olympiads. Rhys achieved a huge number of medals at various levels from Junior to BMO2. He was selected for a number of training camps as part of the UK Maths squad such as the Oxford, Hungary, Trinity camps. Rhys won a Silver medal at the Balkan Mathematical Olympiad in 2021 while also selected for the IMO squad of the same year. 


After finishing his A Level in Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Music, Rhys undertook his degree in Mathematics at Trinity College. He has been working as an Olympiad Maths tutor for SMSO Education for the last 5 years, teaching Olympiad Maths and Oxbridge entrance exam. He also volunteers for the UKMT, setting and marking BMO1 and BMO2 papers.